Overseas Products
・Fogale Nanotech (France):France
Fogale provides non-contact metrology essential for device characterization and process control. The use of multi-layer sub strats, very thin wafers, high aspect ratio TSV for 3D integration, and the development of new MEMS devices require advanced 3D dimensional metrology solutions. With a high level of expertise in optical metrology and a strong scientific background, FOGALE nanotech provides standard and customized systems well suited to new metrology requirements for MEMS and semicon ductorapplications.

APPEX represents both Fogale's semiconductor as well as measuring equipment for the optical industries in Japan.

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・Milestone (Denmark):Denmark
To complement our activities in the optical field, APPEX has partnered with Milestone, the world's leading provider of open plat form IP video management software. This enables APPEX to provide surveillance solutions to a wide range of industries and applications.


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